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VE-M Studio

With many people working from home, the power of connection has never been so important. Interactive, inclusive and engaging the future of events is here, and the future is virtual. 
Whats in the studio?
Utilising our 2.9mm state of the art video wall, the studio hosts a 5m x 3m theme changing LED backdrop perfect for showcasing your content to your virtual audience. The studio also hosts a 6m x 3m stage in front of the video wall allowing up to 4 socially distanced presenters on stage at each time. 
2 HD cameras have been installed to ensure that those at home have the best view of the presenters on stage. A professional PA system allows those within the studio to hear and interact with the virtual audience. Overhead lighting rig consisting of stage wash, movers and pixel mappable tour battens not only ensures that presenters are illuminated and clearly visible but can add colour and movement when required. 
As with a live event, a comfort monitor sits off stage to allow the presenters on stage to see the content on the wall or the virtual audience/speakers during presentations and Q&A's.
The VE-M tech team are set up facing the stage and our team of highly trained professionals will manage video content, mix the best camera angles and monitor all input feeds before sending this back out to your virtual audience. 
What kind of events work in the studio?
The studio has been designed with versatility in mind and so works for a magnitude of events:
  • Conferences
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Team Meetings and Briefings
  • Graduations 
  • Fundraisers
  • Bands
  • Rehearsal Space
  • DJs
  • Music Videos
  • Workshops 
The list really is endless!
Is it safe?
Here at the VE-M Studio client and staff safety is paramount and so the following precautions have been put into place:
  • All visitors are required to fill in a questionnaire prior to arriving on site. 
  • Hand sanitiser is available at all entrances and at points around the studio.
  • A one way system is in operation around the studio where possible. 
  • Masks will be worn by all members of the VE-M team. 
  • Masks must be worn by all clients (except those exempt) when in the studio apart from when presenting. 
  • All equipment you come into contact with such as clickers and microphones will be disinfected after each person has touched them. 
  • Only essential event staff will be on site during your event to minimise possible contamination.
Does my event have to be live?
Of course not! - the beauty of virtual events is that we can tailor your event to meet your exact requirements. Virtual events allow for a blend of live and pre-recorded content - presenters can submit recordings in advance, which are then checked and edited before the event. During the event the recordings can be seamlessly integrated with live content from remote presenters and Q&As. 
Our on demand event video platform allows pre-recorded events to be watched back at any time - perfect for those with delegates from different time zones!
How much is it?
Here at VE-M we understand that every event and its requirements is different, so get in touch with one of our expert team today to start building your bespoke studio package.
We strive to support local upcoming talent and so offer our studio at a discounted rate to provide opportunities for the stars of tomorrow.
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